EHR is a Team Sport

How to Unlock the Productivity Potential of the Entire Care Team with Speech-Driven Mobile Workflows
This webinar was presented on November 17th @ 2:30PM EST and is available for viewing.

Webinar Overview

Please join Entrada for an informative session detailing how practices are utilizing innovative – and integrated – mobile technologies that enable physicians to stay productive and recapture what makes practicing medicine meaningful again – seeing patients.

Particpants in this webinar will learn how to:

  • Recapture lost time in the exam room and ensure a true one-on-one interaction with patients
  • Minimize the dreaded “point-and-click screen time” with efficient mobile solutions
  • Reinforce the physician’s role as valued expert and enable them to operate “top of license”
  • Leverage remote scribe support to outsource the repetitive and value-neutral EHR tasks
  • Accelerate care team collaboration through integrated and secure text messaging across roles and settings
  • And much more!

Chase Pattison, Vice President of Marketing and Sadie Cooke, Sales Executive, will introduce recent innovations in Entrada’s Mobile workflow solution and Cloud Portal desktop platform available through our latest product releases.

Entrada is a leading provider of integrated mobile solutions that improve healthcare efficiencies and outcomes. Entrada’s commitment is to protect physician and staff productivity for the next generation of patient care.
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