Speech-Driven Clinical Documentation

Entrada enables physicians and other caregivers to quickly and easily create  clinically relevant documentation  within the EHR without sacrificing productivity.

*Available within Entrada’s Mobile Engagement Platform


Entrada Rhythm

Speech-driven documentation, built with caregiver workflow in mind.

Entrada Rhythm empowers caregivers with multiple options for capturing and editing dictation from a mobile device and returning the documentation directly into a clinic’s existing EHR templates, no matter which EHR system they use.

Built within the Entrada Mobile Engagement Platform, Entrada Rhythm helps caregivers accelerate the capture of clinical documentation and improve the overall quality of the patient’s medical record.

 Document at the pulse of patient care with Entrada Rhythm. 

Built inside Entrada’s Mobile Engagement Platform, Entrada Rhythm users can:

Dictate individual narrative sections of a clinical encounter directly from a mobile device

Individually choose the preferred editing workflow – self-edit, transcription, or direct EHR input

Ensure EHR compliance, with integration into your existing EHR templates

Leverage Entrada’s mobile platform, including a real-time schedule, EHR patient data, and more.

Speech-driven documentation integrated with your existing EHR templates, only with Entrada Rhythm.

“Entrada Rhythm is a game changer. From my mobile device, I can choose the documentation workflow that best fits my daily schedule as the demands on my time change. With the ability to dictate directly into EHR templates, I can stay productive from anywhere. I found more than just a speech application that replaces keyboard typing, but a solution that truly works with my busy schedule as I move from location to location. That is truly unique.”
Dr. William Edwards
Vascular Surgeon at The Surgical Clinic

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